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Project - Agri-food

Multidisciplinary project in South America

At Technord, unity is strength

The complementary nature of our product lines is our strength as an industrial integrator and assembler.

We often work with our customers to take charge of different batches on which the collaboration of our teams provides significant added value to the success of the project.

These multidisciplinary teams provide solutions to a major player in the food industry and more specifically in the production of inulin and oligofructose from chicory root.

The prebiotic (they promote the efficiency of the beneficial functions of intestinal bacteria) and bifidogenic (anti-infectious effect) properties of inulin and oligofructose give them a beneficial role and various uses as dietary fiber, emulsifier, fat substitute, contribution of lightness and texture, … while reducing the use of sugar and therefore calories.

Due to the growing demand, our client wanted to double the production capacity of its facilities located in South America.

The efficient coordination between Technord’s departments, the design office and the customer, as well as the great expertise of our employees, made it possible to meet this challenge within an optimized timeframe, despite the particular period we were going through.

Our Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, Automation and Process Control departments are mobilized on the project.

We supplied

  • The power panels (distribution and motors)
  • PLC cabinets
  • Pneumatic boxes

Technord also supplied and configured a PCS7 V8.2 architecture extension with APL library:

  • Two S7-410 PLCs with their field networks
    o Profibus DP
    o Profibus PA
    o ASI
    o IO-Link
    o Profinet
  • An ESXi virtual architecture with installation of the PCS7 architecture extension
    o One pair of WinCC servers
    o Four virtualized “Client” operator stations
  • Extension of the factory network to include the new architecture

This represents 650 measurements, 1600 actuators, 160 motors, 160 controls, more than 280 sequences and more than 50 supervisory screens.

Our motivation to carry out this type of project is very important. It contributes to better nutrition and health, a goal that fits well with our B Corp commitment to contribute to a better future for all!

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