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Industrial IoT

Due to its high flexibility and low integration costs, the Internet of Things will revolutionise the conventional control/command infrastructures of our factories.

The industrial internet of objects (IIoT) offers new technological possibilities to ensure the acquisition of additional data to better clarify the functioning of industrial processes and to set up new tools to help improve production efficiency.

Technord has developed a platform called “Easysense”, allowing the integration of these technologies into the existing industrial world, with a limited investment. The solution can be installed on your industrial site or worked into the cloud, stored in a datacentre.

To be able to carry this out, Technord acts in four phases: data collection, data transfer, data analysis and finally data sharing and acting to optimise the processes.

Phase 1 : Data collection

We collect data using different types of sensors or existing equipments. The wide range of solutions for acquiring this data makes it possible to respond to most measurements.

We can also put wireless, autonomous sensors in place that take existing information in automatons or energy meters, for example. We can also associate identification, tracking and location data with the measurements.

Phase 2 : Data transfer

Other than LoRa, LoRaWAN or Sigfox networks used by the wireless sensors, numerous other solutions are available to transfer the measurements, for example, using 3G or 4G, Wifi networks, VPN, etc., using different existing network infrastructures. Exchange protocols such as MQTT and HTTP(S) are supported.

Phase 3 : Analysis

The collected data is stored in a database “Time Series”, then analysed and processed following the algorithms put in place in collaboration with the software users. These algorithms allow the definition of alarm thresholds, the analysis of the quality of data collected or even putting in place statistical analysis. At this stage, tools for viewing and exporting data to office tools are also available.

Phase 4 : Action and sharing information

The “Easysense” platform can also send messages (emails, SMS, etc.) to the referring users to warn them that the received data is out of range and requires action. The other possibility is to exchange with the IT systems that are already in place in the business such as the ERP, WMS, LIMS, MES, MOM, Historian or even SCADA.

Projects & References Technord employs
a wide range of technologies in various sectors

Over the course of numerous projects, we have acquired skills to operate major automation equipment in various demanding sectors. Some sample references

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