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MoM (Manufacturing Operation Management)/MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are intermediate software layers linking the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level and the automation systems.

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MoM/MES’s functions (procedure management, resource management, etc.) allow for a considerable increase in performance and a return on a quick investment.

The ISA-95 regulation deals with the various operational areas that support production (logistics, quality, maintenance, etc.) to ensure the continuity of processes through the applications concerned : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), control systems (SCADA, API/PLC, SNCC/DCS, etc.) and MoM/MES.

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The MoM/MES allows both global and smaller companies to manage production processes, control production activities in real time and carry out consistent monitoring on large critical data sets using historic data and real Business Intelligence strategy.

Thanks to their technological knowledge, Technord is known as a first class integrator and offers solutions relevant to both multiple and cross-functional requirements, based on standard software packages from our supplier-partners or specific developments.

Technord and their partners also have strong expertise in the main functionalities constituting the information systems.

MoM/MES integrations can be carried out on a large scale, thanks to the combination of our know-how with our experience and skills in electrical systems, automation and industrial supervision systems.

A pioneer in industrial information systems and with 60 engineers and technicians specialising in MoM/MES, Technord has been consulting and integrating systems with major industrial customers for more than 20 years, both in the processing and manufacturing industry.

Our professional teams of technical engineers, business analysts and project managers are able to develop the ideal MoM/MES solution for the entire life cycle of your project: from the manufacturing requirements analysis to maintenance through the solution deployment in the production environment.

In the field of MoM/MES, Technord’s know-how and skills are the result of several years of integrating professional projects, and continuous training of their engineers with the world’s leading publishers and the benchmark organisation, MESA, combined with high level certifications obtained from leading software solution providers.

Projects & References Technord employs
a wide range of technologies

Over the course of numerous projects, we have acquired skills in the main industrial IT equipments.

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    Certifications Services certified to current standards

    We are certified at the highest level by the world’s leading manufacturers, thanks to our expertise and our involvement in countless projects in various and demanding industries.

    Technology Technord offers a wide range of technologies

    Over the course of numerous projects, we have acquired skills in the main MoM/MES equipments.


    • Simatic IT eBR
    • Préactor

    Wonderware Endorsed System Integrator

    • Labels Xcellence Opérationnelle (EMI, MES)
    • Application Server 2014R2/2017
    • InTouch 11.x
    • Historian Server 2014R/2017
    • Historian Client 2014R2/2017
    • InTouch pour SP 2014R2/2017
    • InBatch 9.x
    • MES Operations 4x
    • MES Performance 4.x
    • MES Performance 5.x
    • Device Integration
    • Skelta 2014


    • Registered Business Partner
    • IoT Watson Cloud Platform


    • Recognized System Integrator
    • ThinManager Certified Integrator



    • Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, certification dédiée au M.E.S.



    • Quartis



    • Versiondog/Auvesy

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