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Bring your talent to Technord

Our commitments in terms of recruitment

At Technord, we believe that today’s company must be attentive to the social and environmental challenges of its business.

Within the group, the inclusion of diversity is a collective strength that allows Technord to develop while respecting the personality of each individual.

As such, Technord is committed to ensuring that each candidate is treated fairly. We look at skills, not gender or skin colour. Join a company that is committed to respecting people and the planet.

Our recruitment philosophy is transparent, professional and welcoming

When you apply to Technord, you are already considered a future colleague who we want to get know

Transparent ? 4 steps

If your CV matches the skills required.

  1. Then our recruiter will give you a call. If this conversation confirms a potential match.
  2. An interview will be arranged with HR and your future manager. We will discuss your career, your motivations and evaluate your technical skills. After the interview, if we’re given the go-ahead. 
  3. You will meet with a member of the management team as soon as possible. This meeting will confirm that you are a good match for our organisation.
  4. After this confirmation, you will receive our job offer!

Professional ?

We will ask you about the technical skills you already have so that we have a better idea of what you can do and how we can supplement your knowledge with additional training courses in the future.

We believe that keeping you informed of our recruitment process and guaranteeing confidentiality throughout is the least we can do. Keeping you informed is also our way of respecting and treating you as a potential member of the team.

Welcoming ?

Recruitment interviews are not meant to be one-way! You deserve as much information about us as well. By allowing you to ask all the questions that pop into your head, the interview is transformed into a conversation. This ensures that our respective expectations are clearly understood.

Your internship at Technord is more than just a starting point

Every year we welcome trainees in the fields of industrial electricity, automation, industrial IT, Manufacturing Execution System and process simulation.

As soon as you arrive you will be immersed in the day-to-day reality of our clients’ industrial projects. We promise you an experience in which you will learn about the latest technologies.

25% of our trainees sign a contract at the end of their internship!

Doing your end-of-studies internship at Technord means that you will be fully involved in all aspects of the business,we promise you that.

Our Human Development Philosophy

Becoming a Technord employee means adhering to a corporate culture based on a sense of responsibility and trust. Offering a suitable environment for everyone to express their potential is our duty.

From day one, each new employee receives a personalised integration plan. The objective? To quickly create an internal network (when we know each other, we help each other more effectively!), sharpen our technical skills, reach out, and be part of our success, all in a short period of time!    

This is one reason why our internal surveys show that « 100% of employees who have joined the company in the last two years feel that they have been well-received! » !

The Technord Academy offers 28 training modules covering both technical and managerial areas. Who are the leaders of these training courses? Dedicated employees who have mastered a subject and are willing to share their skills.

Annually and on average, all Technord team members spend 5.3 days in training!

For us, training is not an expense but an investment.

Employee well-being and happiness in our core mission

We do not have the power to make all our employees happy. Still, we do have the responsibility to create the best possible conditions for them to flourish.

Participating in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) competition is the most objective way to survey employee satisfaction. The results are a source of inspiration and improvement.

Being recognised by 95% of our employees as an employer who cultivates a pleasant work environment is one of our most beautiful achievements !

GPTW is an international competition involving almost 900 companies in 19 countries, based on a common and proven methodology. In Belgium, the Vlerick Business School is responsible for managing the competition.

By participating in the GPTW competition, employees are invited to comment on the management’s credibility, the level of respect prevalent in the company, fair practices, community spirit and pride in the organisation.   

Life at Technord is full of social events that encourage communication beyond the work we do together. The mountain bike outingon “Humour & Fun Day”, a tasty meal during which we honour our female staff and the annual party celebrating loyalty are just a few examples.

Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of Technord’s culture.

In an ever-changing environment, diversity and inclusion are key to remaining innovative and successful.

That is why we maintain respectful and humane working relationships. We defend and promote the principle of equality between women and men.

Respecting diversity also means respecting other ways of thinking, other cultures and all facets of society. It requires openness and inclusiveness in our interactions both inside and outside the company.

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