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About the Technord Group

Our philosophy as a family business puts our customers at the centre of our attention.

Our story

  • Establishement of the industrial electrical engineering company

    General electrical and electro-mechanical contractor
  • Michel FOUCART becomes a salaried director of the T.E.I

  • Creation of the TECHNORD automation company

    A company specialising in industrial computing, automation and networks (Liège)
  • Creation of the TECHNORD group

    Michel FOUCART becomes the governing director
  • Opening of the Technord France subsidiary (Lille)
  • Opening of the Techrom IT subsidiary (Romania, Iasi)
  • Philippe FOUCART becomes the governing Director of the group

    Philippe FOUCART becomes the Managing Director of the Group and Michel FOUCART remains as President
  • Opening of the subsidiary Technord Industries & Services (Lyon)
  • Opening of the Technord Industries subsidiary, in Switzerland (Geneva)
  • Opening of the branch in Finland and the subsidiary in Singapore
  • Opening of the Technord Industrial Process Improvement subsidiary (Louvain-la-Neuve)
  • Opening of the TechLux (Luxembourg) and Technord Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Orléans (France) subsidiaries
  • Merger of Belgian companies under Technord Belgium and opening of the subsidiary in Charleroi
  • Opening of the subsidiary in Denmark

Our governance

An independent group, created by Michel Foucart and owned today by the second generation, Technord values its independence and long-term view of the industry. That’s why it operates according to the best standards of governance.

This operational excellence is represented by the high expertise of its Board of Directors, led by Marcel Miller, Chairman of the Board, as well as its Executive Team, headed by Philippe Foucart, CEO.

Members of the Board

Our values are the foundation of the company

Our philosophy: Bring economic and social logic closer together for sustainability

Our values are:

  • Solidarity and Respect
  • Humour and Fun
  • Love and Trust of the Client
  • Expertise and Excellence
  • Vision and Agility

Our Commitment

Our family business philosophy puts our customers at the centre of our attention.
Our professionalism and creativity help us to contribute to the success of their projects and build loyalty in a relationship of mutual trust.
Our employees combine competencemotivation and training with the aim of satisfying our customers and committing themselves to a process of continuous improvement.

The Technord group’s business plan combines economic and social logic.Technord participates in the economic development of its region by creating and sustaining jobs, contributing to the performance of its customers and actively positioning itself in technological evolution.

Social logic puts economy at the service of the men and women who work for the development of the working community.
Michel FoucartPresident and Founder of the Technord Group, pursues the dual objective of independent decision-making and job sustainability.
The company’s profits are reinvested in its capital, in innovation, in its means of production and in the training of its employees.
The company concretely expresses its confidence and gratitude towards its employees by linking the achievement of the group’s objectives to a profit-sharing bonus

Our certifications

Discover our quality and safety certifications and our accreditations here

Technord Group certifications

Our agencies


LIEGE Science Park, Rue Bois Saint-Jean, 23
4102 Ougrée. Belgique


Business Center Axis Parc, Rue Fond Cattelain 2/1
1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert. Belgique


Parc scientifique de la Haute Borne, 11 Rue Horus
59491 Villeneuve d'Ascq. France


Z.A. Ecoparc Windhof, 22 Rue de l’Industrie
8933 Windhof. Grand-Duché du Luxembourg


Hogehilweg 16
1101 CD Amsterdam. Pays-Bas


Stradela Ipsilanti, nr. 2A
Iasi. Roumanie


HONG LEONG BUILDING 6 Raffles Quay, #38-03
048581 Singapore. Singapore


Store Kongensgade 40 D.2.
1264 Kobenhavn K. Danemark

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