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Project - Data science

Success story for the Data Science department

Water is a precious good. Optimizing drinking water resources is a major challenge for the Société Wallonne des Eaux. Our Data Science department is contributing to it!

Customer Challenge

The management of water and pumping, storage and distribution equipment is a central objective for SWDE which, as the main producer and distributor of drinking water in Wallonia, makes sustainable and responsible management of water resources a major strategic issue. To this end, forecasting water consumption, managing available resources and detecting possible leaks are challenges to be met on a daily basis.

Successful mission for Technord

SWDE provided our Data Science teams with more than a year’s worth of consumption data on certain parts of the network. The processing of this data allowed the teams to develop a statistical model and to establish the most convincing prediction structure.

The results obtained allow a good quality of prediction and the identification of relatively regular usage frequencies.

In the future, the development of these predictive models on other parts of the network could allow better identification of potential leaks with near real-time management.

Customer’s activity

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