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Project - Data science

Predictive maintenance on a raw mill

The challenge

The raw mill is used at the beginning of whitewash production to homogenise the quarry stone and reduce it to the appropriate size for calcination (decarbonation). This machine works in difficult conditions and its maintenance is vital. The identification of unusual signals would allow for errors to be avoided.

The solution

Analysis of event-rich historical data provides specific thresholds on the measurements of certain sensors that will assess the current situation, trigger alarms if necessary, and suggest the cause of the problem.

Schedule management is facilitated because the alarms involve:

  • inspecting the concerned equipment at the right time;
  • contact the dedicated supplier before an expected deadline.

The potential gain

The return on the investment can be estimated in production time :

  • Maintenance solely in the case of necessity: financial advantage due to preventative maintenance ;
  • More easily planned maintenance ;
  • Breakages are avoided :
  • No repair fees;
  • No loss of production time.

Project Details

Client Activity

    • Extractive IndustryCement
    • Whitewash Production

Solution Brand

  • SAP
  • Matlab
  • Python

Nature of the work carried out

  • Predictive maintenance


  • Decision support tool

Other references More to be discovered

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