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News - 16/04/2019

Visit from the UWE at Technord

As part of the meetings organised by the Union Wallonne des Entreprises, of which Philippe Foucart is a director and member of the Board, Technord had the honour of welcoming Mr Jean-Luc Crucke, Minister for the Budget, Finance, Energy, Climate and Airports, this Tuesday, in his capacity as the head of the MR list candidate for the Region for the district of Wallonia Picardy for the elections of next May.

This meeting, of which the objective was the presentation of the expectations and challenges of the Union Wallonne and more specifically of the private companies established in Wallonia Picardy, brought together the bosses of the companies Baxter, CCB Granulats, Desobry, Dufour, DSI, Golden Star, Vandeputte and Technord as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Industry of Wallonia Picardy and of the Union Wallonne des Entreprises in the context of the presentation of its manifesto for the next elections.