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News - 09/09/2019

Technord is reducing its environmental footprint

As part of our commitment to reducing the Technord Group’s ecological footprint, we recently installed several hundred photovoltaic panels on a number of the roofs of the buildings at our head office in Tournai.

This installation allows us to generate 13% of our consumption rom an inexhaustible and free source of energy: the sun. We don’t want to stop there ! Our ambition is to triple this installation, but this requires a more in-depth study of the stability of the roofs. This study is ongoing at the moment.

The current solar panels have a guaranteed life of 25 years, but in most cases they go well beyond that, up to 45 years.
Solar panels emit absolutely no CO2 or other harmful substances, and the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. This makes solar energy one of the most sustainable forms of energy. While it is true that fossil fuels are often used to produce and ship the panels, today’s panels compensate for their carbon footprint in less than two years.

By installing solar panels, we are simply contributing to a better environment.