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Project - Automation/Process Control

Success story for the Process Control and Low Voltage Industrial Electricity departments

Being a player in the factory of the future also means modernizing existing facilities to enable them to produce better. Our Process Control teams recently worked on the site of a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging.

Mission Challenge

The application for managing the transfer of raw materials from the storage silos to the extrusion lines was obsolete. We took charge of the replacement of the control system of two installations (electrical, automation and supervision parts) in order to :

  • Manage the obsolescence of the global architecture and the automated architectures
  • Replace the Monitor Pro Schneider Factorylink supervision (which is no longer supported) by a WinCC 7.5 supervision from Siemens last generation
  • Add new feeder paths for future extrusion lines (with modification of the PLC and supervision program)

As the application concerned operates downstream of the factory production, a careful preparation has allowed to limit to the strict minimum the production stops and the guarantee of a fast restart solution.

Successful mission for Technord

We have successfully completed the complete revamping of the electrical parts (studies, plans, cabinets, control/command wiring), replacement of the PLCs by new generation Schneider Electric M580 PLCs and the replacement of the supervision by a new architecture based on Siemens WinCC 7.5.

As part of the supervision migration, the conversion of programs and migration from one brand to another required the analysis and rewriting of programs and scripts, as well as the merging of SQL databases.

The client’s installations were restarted on time with an optimization allowing them to better manage their current and future productions.

Customer’s activity

  • Chemical industry

Technical elements

  • Migration monitor pro Factory link Schneider to WinCC Siemens
  • Connection PLC Schneider M580 with supervision Siemens WinCC 7.5
  • Migration PLC Schneider Prénium to PLC Schneider M580
  • OPC communication
  • Telefast pre-wiring system
  • Indirect addressing migration

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