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Project - IoT

Success story for the IoT department

The desire to build its development in a responsible way encourages many companies to control and optimize the energy necessary for their activities.

Our IoT department has deployed a solution at a major road construction company in Belgium.

Customer Challenge

Initially, our client had a proprietary solution that uploaded data to an external platform. Unfortunately, their provider went bankrupt and failed.

Technord’s mission

Our IoT department teams have developed a custom solution allowing wireless data recovery (4G), thanks to connected automatons (InHand IG902) directly on the customer’s SFTP servers.

This way, the customer remains the owner of the solution and the system in place is no longer dependent on an external provider.

For each consumption of 10 kW of electricity or 10m3 of gas, the meter emits a pulse. This pulse is captured and counted by the automaton which, once a day, generates a CSV file that it sends to the customer’s SFTP server via the Internet (4G).

Results for the customer

This information makes it possible to contextualize the various consumptions and to detect the possible losses of output.

With the help of the solution provided by our teams, the client is able to recover the energy consumption of its various sites around the world and manage them more efficiently.

Customer activity

  • Industry specialized in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure (road, rail, air), urban development and leisure facilities

Technical elements

  • Connected controllers (InHand IG902)

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