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Project - Agri-food

Success Story for IoT & MoM/MES departments

Moët & Chandon has always designed champagne with an inimitable identity. Our IoT and MoM/MES teams facilitated the time management of the raw material unloading phase at their Montaigu site.

Time is money. The adage is well known. So when raw material unloading times take longer than estimated, the relationship between the departments concerned becomes tense: the sampling department and the pumping department.

Who is responsible? What are the solutions?

Solution proposed by Technord

Technord implemented a solution combining its IoT and Manufacturing Execution skills.
IoT enables data retrieval (LoRaWAN) through battery-powered wireless sensors (Libelium Smart Parking v2) and LoRaWAN antennas/gateways (Multitech MTCDT-IP). Each time a dock is occupied or released (change of status), the sensor sends a message.

This message is picked up by the antennas/gateway which retransmit it via HTTP(S) to the Easysense IoT platform. This platform decodes the data and makes it available on an MQTT broker.

At the same time, each tanker entering the site is assigned a production order (PO) and a dedicated dock. Using the application developed on the Manufacturing Execution, operators can check that each tanker is parked on the right dock. They also have all the information and times for each phase of the unloading process: punching (checking the quantity of liquid against the quantity on the delivery slip), sampling (taking a sample and checking the quality of the grape juice), pumping, pumping incident, pumped volume, rinsing. This information makes it possible to contextualize the longer delays and to take corrective measures for future harvests.

Benefit to the customer

The customer can now identify abnormal unloading times, diagnose them and make the necessary corrections!
The customer is so satisfied that new developments are ordered on the Manufacturing Execution application.

Some pictures of the realization

Customer’s activity

  • Agri-food industry

Technical elements

  • Wireless sensors on battery (Libelium Smart Parking v2)
  • LoRaWAN antennas/gateway (Multitech MTCDT-IP)

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