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Project - Automation/Process Control

Renovation of an attraction

Assignment Description

  • Carrying out technical and functional analyses of your installations prior to work on site
  • Realisation of all the electrical studies
  • Realisation of all the programmes and development of the automation
  • Realisation of the new cabinets and boxes
  • Removal of the existing facilities
  • On-site replacement of new cabinets and boxes
  • Testing and verification of the automation and networks
  • Commissioning

Nature of the work carried out : LV Electricity and Automation/Process Control

Client Challenges

Renew the used and/or obsolete control equipment to modernise and improve the controls and in particular :

  • Standardise the control system by using “bus control” and the APEX
  • Facilitate maintenance and operation through a touchscreen operator interface
  • Use an automation architecture similar to other attractions

Project Details

Client Activity

  • Amusement park


  • Security automats
  • Networks
  • Drive – Motion
  • Ethernet network
  • Synchronicity between the drives

Other references More to be discovered

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