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Project - Agri-food

Installation of IoT sensors


The aim of this project is to check the temperature fluctuations regulated by the HVAC systems using a live installation taking data from more than 100 MCS sensors (humidity, pressure, temperature).

Our contribution

The sensors work using the LORA network with antennas positioned inside different establishments, functioning with a private, internal network.

We have installed our software, Easysense, which allows clients to configure and add new sensors themselves.

The benefits

The tool displays data curves, and retrieves data from Easysense on third-party environments (Wonderware, Siemens, GE, etc.) via standard communication protocols (OPC, MQTT, etc.), thus allowing the customer to display the values ​​within their scada (supervision), for example.

Client Activity

    • Agri-food industry

Technical Elements

LORA network

Easysense software

Other references More to be discovered

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