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Project - Chemistry

Installation of intelligent lighting

Our Low Voltage department recently set up a pilot project to install intelligent lighting on the site of a major chemical and food industry player.

Initial situation of the project

The existing lighting (fluorescent tubes) was outdated, no longer provided the desired number of lux and was very energy consuming.

Solution provided by Technord

The Low Voltage team replaced this lighting with a solution incorporating intelligent, individually programmable LED luminaires with a presence detector and dimming from 0% to 100%.

In addition, each luminaire has a twilight sensor for automatic dimming when natural light is present.

Final result for the customer

The technological solution implemented offers many savings and advantages:

  • LED technology allows for a 50% saving in watts consumed
  • Intelligent lighting technologies will lead to potential savings of more than 85% (dimming, presence detector, elimination of maintenance costs, etc.)
  • Respect for the environment by reducing maintenance waste and energy consumption

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