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News - 25/03/2022

Technord wins two awards at the Wap’Innov competition!

The Wap’Innov competition rewards the most innovative companies in Picardy Wallonia. The Syscade project, a mobile laboratory for the inspection and characterisation of nuclear waste, received both the jury prize and the public prize.

The problem of nuclear waste treatment is a major challenge that concerns many countries in the world and impacts our environment. Syscade provides a solution for cataloguing the nuclear waste drums stored in power plants, storage centres or buried in our soil.

Syscade is the result of a partnership between DSI and the Technord group, which carried out the electrical and automation parts of this formidable technological challenge.

Thanks to the expertise of our teams, the entire process of identifying the waste and measuring the level of radioactivity takes place in a fully automated mobile container.

We are very proud and happy to contribute in this way to our objectives of respecting our environment and the well-being of future generations.

Discover the Syscade project in pictures