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Project - Agri-food

Prediction of fermentation activity

Discover how our Process Improvement department works with the R&D teams of a world-renowned champagne house. A partnership that aims at constant process improvement.

Customer Challenge

The raw material, the grapes, is very variable: weather of the year, geographical area, practitioner’s practice. The challenge is therefore to achieve the desired target in terms of wine quality. The wines of the year are then blended with old vintages to establish the desired aromatic profile.

Solution proposed by Technord

The fermentation modelling and the resulting simulator provide a prediction of the evolution of the main KPI, i.e. the co2 flux that emerges from the fermentation.

The idea is therefore to exploit this predictive aspect to help the operator reach his target in terms of wine quality:

  • will everything go well?
  • are corrections necessary?

Customer gain

The simulator evolves with an increasingly advanced exploitation of data, as the pilot winery expands into measurement means. Regular collaboration with the customer’s R&D with a view to understanding the process and application in production is very innovative. From year to year, this tool will improve, with the prospect of moving to the business side. Operational gains will ultimately improve production and avoid batch loss. The financial impact is immediate.

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