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Project - Agri-food

Low voltage project

Find out how the teams of our Low Voltage department participated in the installation of a new mixer feed line.

Customer Challenge

Following the success of its products, one of our customers, a major player in industrial bakery,  faced an urgent need to increase its production capacity for pre-baked breads. The key word of the project was the speed of execution in order to allow the increase of production as quickly as possible.

Solution proposed by Technord

The proposed technical solution and its implementation combined efficiency and speed.

The installation consisted of two parts:

  • a first “process” part corresponding to the realization of the mixture of flour, salt, small ingredients, yeast, oil and water for automated mixers.
  • a second “production management” part of the rest of the installation (mixing, shaping, oven, oven, cooling, packaging and palletizing machines, storage).

Some figures:

For the “process” part

  • 50 motors including 20 on drives or starters
    • 7 air dryers for flour and salt silos
    • 175 valves and diverters
    • 106 probes and sensors
    • 7 weighing hoppers with weighs

For the “production management” part

  • Approximately 220 TOR I/O wired and distributed over the installation

For the whole project

  • Studies for the realization of 3 cabinets for the process part, 7 desks and 4 boxes for production management in order to retrieve the information of the different machines and building utilities
    • 1250 hours carried out by the Design Office for studies, electrical diagrams, wiring workshop follow-up and site monitoring.
    • 3000 hours worked by the site teams for on-site assembly

Customer gain

The company is able to meet the increase in its orders. Despite the longer than expected delays on the civil engineering and assembly parts, the intervention of our teams was able to make up the majority of the delay and start within acceptable deadlines to satisfy the orders.

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