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Project - Agri-food

Success story for the MoM/MES department

Our MoM/MES team was involved in the renewal and modernization of the global energy network control at a major player in the natural mineral water production sector.

Project challenge

Our client’s mission is to offer consumers natural solutions to their hydration and refreshment needs throughout their lives.

For them, sustainable development represents a harmonious and respectful balance between man and nature. In particular, it is synonymous with reducing their carbon footprint.

The mission entrusted to Technord was to renew and modernize the control of the energy network, which includes

  • The water production network (primary, secondary and distribution networks)
  • The electrical network (medium voltage substation, consumption points, production points such as photovoltaic panels, etc.)
  • The compressed air network
  • The energy network (Fuel, Natural gas)
  • The technical gas network (Nitrogen, Argon, …)
  • The heating and steam network

The challenge taken up by the teams of our MoM/MES department was the following:

  • To set up a single control and historization system for all energy networks and production sites in the world
  • Implementation of a signal collection system compatible with all current site sensors and expandable for the future
  • Implementation of a single centralized database with physical and virtual redundancy
  • Implementation of automatic reporting by equipment and by site with a comparison of consumption between equipment
  • The possibility of making consumption predictions
  • Transfer of data from the current EIS system (obsolete) and migration of functionalities to the new system
  • A real-time and historical display system customized according to the user’s needs and profile

Solutions developed and implemented

On the one hand, Technord teams have implemented a Wonderware Aveva platform with more than twenty web visualization clients and energy network supervision clients.
This platform allows the creation of reports, graphs, triggers, storage of information on the repository, alerts, scaling of measurements and parameterization of sensors.

On the other hand, the teams took charge of the deployment of a Siemens PLC architecture as well as the electrical work necessary for the installation of remote acquisition points in the locations identified near the energy meters and sensors. The whole being connected on the ethernet network of the company.

Finally, we carried out the transfer of data from the current EIS system and the migration of functionalities to the new historization platform.

Results for the client

It now has a better view of its various energy networks, both in consumption and production.

Any consumption anomalies trigger alerts and consumption peaks can be better understood.

Better control of costs and precise decision-making and action enable a reduction in the impact of CO2 emissions and thus improve the company’s carbon footprint.

For all of us, today, and for future generations!

Customer activity

  • Agri-food industry

Technical elements

  • Wonderware Aveva platform with over twenty web visualization and energy network supervision clients.

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