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Technord and cell culture in biopharma

Our Process Improvement team works on cell culture issues (biopharma) and helps to optimise batches.

Initial situation

Cell culture in bioreactors is synonymous with high added value products, and calls for the best performance (Golden Batch concept). Understanding the sometimes unexpected behaviour of living beings such as cells is essential to maintain ideal operating conditions and to adapt the process to larger production scales. The know-how generated during the Research phase is not always easily transferable, and this challenge can be met through process modelling.

Solution proposed by Technord

The available data is exploited to the maximum to describe the behaviour of the culture under the operating conditions. Hybrid modelling (a mixture of physical equations and data-driven methods) is implemented and is based on all the measurements collected, which are more extensive than in a standard production context.

This approach allows to :

  • Consider changes in biomass behaviour triggered by its environment
  • Validate observations/hypotheses
  • Represent variables that have not been measured very much or not at all (software sensor)

The prediction generated by the simulation can eventually be integrated into a decision support tool and influence the regulation of the process.

Final situation – results (for the customer)

The customer will thus obtain a ‘real time’ tool that instantly exploits the measurements to predict the behaviour of the culture and regulate it in the best possible way thanks to the established models. The expertise of the Research phase is thus transmitted to Production via an intelligent digital tool.

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