MoM/MES - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 allows companies to better serve their customers through improved flexibility in the production and optimisation of resources. It is also a wonderful opportunity to make our industry both dynamic and sustainable by organising our plants in a new way. This movement goes hand in hand with enhanced skills.

Technord is highly invested in this approach to help its customers prevail over the competition by offering innovative services to the industry.  The longevity of our plants, courtesy of Industry 4.0, involves the introduction of new skills in the fields of advanced automation, industrial IT and MES/MoM, as well as in the digital simulation, big data and relevant data analysis, cloud computing, industrial IoT, mobility and internet security sectors, to provide you with guaranteed optimum productivity and flexibility for your industrial processes.

Through Industry 4.0, Technord is contributing to the creation of a competitive, sustainable industry that creates value, a clean industry placing a healthy emphasis on human work.

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