Our commitment

Our family-run business philosophy places our customers at the centre of our attention.
We apply our professionalism and creativity to contribute to the success of their projects and gain their loyalty within a reciprocal trust-based relationship.
Our employees combine skill, motivation and training with a view to satisfying our customers and committing to a continuous improvement approach.

The business project at the Technord group combines economic principles and social principles.
Technord plays a role in the economic development of its region by creating and sustaining employment, contributing to the performance of its customers and through its active stance with regard to technological developments.

The social principles ensure that the economy benefits the men and women that strive to develop the working community. 
Michel Foucart, Chairman and Founder of the Technord group, is pursuing the dual objective of decisional autonomy and long-term employment.
Company profits are reinvested into its capital, innovation, production means and staff training.
The company firmly expresses its trust in and gratitude towards its staff by linking the achievement of the group's objectives with a profit-sharing bonus.