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Project - MoM/MES

Product traceability and genealogy

Incorporating production follow-up and traceability software


To be able to trace every piece of equipment, accessory and product used in production.

Our contribution

Technord analysed production flows and each product and accessory that could be used for production. Each piece of equipment and sub-equipment has a life cycle and production use properties related to the production FO. Every property related to this equipment is traced and historically recorded.

Every use and manipulation of the operating procedure is traced by the system. The notions “who, what, when and how” can be extracted via an electronic batch record and reporting system.

All accessories and materials used are recorded in the system and linked to the production of the final product.

The benefits

  • Quality improvement
  • Safety on materials and accessories used in production
  • Electronic reporting and batch records that can easily highlight any actions performed and material/accessories used.

Client Activity

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Technical elements


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