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Project - Agri-food

Product Flow


Manage internal tank room movements and transfers from a source tank to a destination tank. Consider the constraints of unavailable resources and suggest an optimal path given the availability of physical elements such as tanks, pipes and valves between a source and a destination. Based on cost, real-time availability of these physical elements, product requirements and operator needs.

Our contribution

Implementing a {1>Dijkstra<1} algorithm and an application that checks resource availability (valves, pipes, tanks) and provides the operator with the optimal path according to the equipment availability status at the time of calculation and makes the resource reservation.

The solution was integrated into the supervision interface of the client’s two tanks.

The application automatically retrieves from the ERP the movement type work orders (i.e., path lists to be calculated, with parameters such as “source” and “destination”).

The benefits

The work orders are directly from the ERP, allowing you to see the transfers carried out and avoid input errors. Time saved on work order completion and manual management by operators.

Client Activity

  • Agri-food industry

Technical elements

  • Wonderware System Platform
  • C#


Other references More to be discovered

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