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Project - Chemistry

Personnel management


Monitoring of personnel present at different positions on the line in order to track personal time and monitor exposure to materials and difficulty.

Our contribution

  • Implementation of personnel management and positions on the line in the MES.
  • Management of personnel allocation to positions on the lines.
  • Cross-referencing the allocation of personnel with production orders made on the lines to monitor personal time as well as product exposures.
  • Management of the difficulty of different types of difficulties for work stations in order to trace the difficulty for each person (for example: load bearing calculated according to the quantity produced)

The benefits

The automatic monitoring of these elements means that paper monitoring and copying it into the various systems previously in place, with more details is no longer required.

Client Activity

  • Chemical Industry

Technical Elements

  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware Operation
  • Wonderware Performance

Other references More to be discovered

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