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Project - Agri-food

Performance Analysis

Incorporating production follow-up and traceability software


  • Switch from manually entering downtime periods and causes into an Excel report, to an automatic real-time downtime recording that identifies the causes based on the equipment.
  • Align all production lines and sites on the same performance measurement principles.

Our contribution

Within a short period (6 months), a performance-oriented MES solution designed by and for users (operators, production managers) can be installed on a pilot production line. The work carried out on the ergonomics of input and production monitoring interfaces has facilitated user understanding.

The benefits

Measuring downtime and identifying the causes made it possible to target the priority actions required for the continuous improvement process. Micro-stop measurement revealed areas for improvement that had not yet been identified.

Client Activity

  • Agri-food industry

Technical Elements

  • Wonderware System Platform, module Performance.

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