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Project - Agri-food

Maintenance Management


Plan maintenance interventions on equipment and production lines and reschedule workloads.

Our contribution

Technord analysed the different production flows and interfaced its developments with the client’s ERP and active directory, providing a clear insight into the manufacturing orders to be planned and the interventions to be carried out.

If an intervention must be carried out on a piece of equipment or production line on which production is already allocated, our system allows us to reschedule this production (in time or on another piece of equipment according to the properties of this production).

The benefits

  • Reduced downtime and production rescheduling
  • Planning control and guiding production supervisors
  • Increased intervention safety on the production line/equipment

Client activity

  • Agri-food industry

Technical elements

  • We use software and standards developed by Technord and based on Microsoft and Web technologies.

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