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Project - MoM/MES

Document management


No paper run sheets by modifying the existing operating modes to switch to full EBR. Automating the entries in the electronic logbook from one operating mode. From a web module, view in real-time the status of a cubicle and its equipment (Dashboard), manual entry and editing of operations not covered by an operating mode (such as maintenance operations).

Our contribution

Transposing paper run sheets into electronic operating mode. Creating logbook specific tables in the DB SIT EBR, developing a web module to visualize the content of those specific tables, and the status of the logbook equipment and their associated equipment via the existing tables.

The benefits

  • Decreasing batch record review time. The activities related to the cubicles and their equipment, as well as their status, can be consulted centrally via the web module.
  • Reducing encodings in the paper logbook.

Client activity

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Technical elements

  • PHP


Other references More to be discovered

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