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Project - Extractive industry

Data Collection and Acquisition


The production data storage has been essential among our clients for many years. But what do we really do with this data ? A certain number of supervision platforms make it possible to archive a significant amount of information, but this is not always used optimally.

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, the industrial world wants to be able to correlate information from the field with information coming directly from the ERP. Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to useful data.

With an infrastructure made up of more than 13,000 archived variables, our objective was to highlight useful data through reports, SAP links, and other means.

Our contribution

To do this, we have developed a series of daily, weekly and monthly reports to highlight the information necessary for the site to run smoothly. In addition, an SAP link has been developed through an exchange database allowing laboratory data retrieval.

The benefits

The deviations on the production lines are easier to identify as well as how they are carried out. Furthermore, the connection to the SAP system made it possible to link directly to the production data. This allowed a more targeted product quality through regular sampling and subsequent results cross-referenced with field data.

Client Activity

  • Extractive industry

Technical elements

  • System Platform Wonderware
  • Reporting Service

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