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Project - Chemistry

Adaptation of a petrochemical production unit

Find out how our teams supported a world leader in the energy sector.

Customer challenge

A global energy company, our client wanted to transform an existing production unit to produce a different raw material locally.
Their objective was to specialise in the production of high value-added materials while controlling the environmental aspects.

Solution proposed by Technord

Technord’s teams carried out the detailed study of power and control electricity:

  • calculation of cable cross-section
  • package power supply
  • dimensioning of cable routes
  • lighting and sockets
  • supply of electrical tracing
  • creation of electrical plans

The electrical part of the project also included the study of the earthing system, the execution of the works on site, the upgrading of the existing installation, the coordination with the contractors of the other lots, the tests and commissioning of the installation as well as the control by the approved body and the AS-Built file.

Our teams also took charge of the detailed study of instrumentation:

  • creation of loop plans
  • dimensioning of the paths and new junction boxes
  • creation of a PROFINET network for the complete unit
  • modification of the PROFIBUS network
  • air supply to the valves
  • modification of the wiring of the existing PLC cabinets
  • creation of the equipotential bonding network

The instrumentation part of the project also included coordination with the contractors of the other lots, on-site services (installation and connection of the instruments, modification of the wiring of the instrumentation cabinets, installation of cable trays, air supply to the valves, etc.), inspection by the approved body, tests and commissioning of the installation and the As Built file.

This project was carried out in close collaboration with our partner-supplier Ysebaert, specialised in the supply of equipment in ATEX environments (environments in which the risk of explosion is high due to the presence of flammable materials).

Some figures

1455 hours of studies
12,500 hours of on-site services
10 months of project work

Customer gain

This successful revamping limited the dismantling of elements and the production of a lot of waste. Many instruments were recovered.
This transformation also allows the local production of raw materials without the need for road or river transport, the use of local labour and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
Our team has thus contributed to the improvement of the industrial process while contributing to the respect of the environment.

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