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News - 01/06/2021

Project with DSi – Analysis of radioactive waste drums

We are proud to work with DSi, a company that has diversified into the analysis of radioactive waste drums.

Delta Services Industriels (DSi) works with leading engine manufacturers. Its customers, based all over the world, use DSi’s technology of applying radio-tracking techniques to the development of engines and lubricants – the equivalent of nuclear medicine applied to engines.

A new diversification activity with Technord is currently being commercialised: a mobile laboratory for the inspection and characterisation of nuclear waste stored in power plants, research centres and waste storage centres.

We are in charge of the electrical and automation parts of the project.

The technology used combines X-ray radiography (to visually determine the contents of the drums) with a radiological characterisation system that identifies the isotopes present in the drums and their activity levels.

This makes it possible to determine their degree of danger and the way in which they can be sorted, stored in the long term or even treated.