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Motion Control

Servo drive technology has achieved remarkable reliability and integration with programmable logic controllers.The applications in industries are innumerable: rapid packaging lines, filling, Cartesian robots, rapid and accurate translations, product cutting, positioning of tools, etc.

Furthermore, integrated solutions have become economical and affordable both in material cost and in sizing and development time.

Servo drive applications offer incomparable precision, speed and dynamics. All in increasingly compact engine dimensions.

Advanced safety features have also emerged: safe stop and monitoring of zero speed, safe direction of rotation and safe maximum acceleration. These features help improve operator safety and production line efficiency by allowing controlled access to specific monitored areas while a machine continues to operate under surveillance; with the aim of reducing downtime.

Technord provides you with its expertise in sizing, integration and programming alongside leading manufacturers in the field : Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Schneider (Elau).

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