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Batch Control

A Batch Control system is a tool for managing batches and workflows in your facilities to provide access essential production information.

A Batch system applies to a discontinuous process that produces a finite amount of product, usually a liquid or powder: production of specialty chemicals, paints, pigments, personal care products, food products, pharmaceuticals, and so forth.

We integrate Batch solutions based on the implementation of flexible and reliable batch management software. This software makes it possible to model and automate a batch-oriented production process.

This software from our partner suppliers (InBatch and Recipe Manager from Wonderware, PCS7 Batch from Siemens, FTBatch from Rockwell) complies with the ISA S88.01 standard. They have many features that facilitate the development and implementation of electronic signature solutions.

A batch system enables phase sequencing in a process unit. Each phase is defined in an automaton. The automaton will act on each piece of equipment (valves, motor, etc.). This phase sequence is defined in a recipe and managed by the Batch system.

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