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Connected power

Thanks to its DNA as an industrial integrator, the TECHNORD group naturally profiles itself as the leading integrator on the market in the field of connected power.

As an industrial integrator combining high, medium and low voltage electricity and the relevant data processing to extract value from it networks, automation-Process Control, MoM/MES, Data Sciences and Digital Twins/modelling, the TECHNORD group naturally profiles itself as the leading integrator on the market for the theme of connected power.

Effectively, by the collecting and “feature engineering” data from the field (protection/distribution equipment communicating in HV/MV/LV switchboards, automation equipment and industrial supervisors, “historical” databases, MoM/MES software layers, IoT, etc.) and their intelligent processing by Data Sciences/AI-Modelling, Technord creates robust models enabling the development of predictive scenarios for energy consumption (power grid load) and thus makes the best decisions in terms of optimising energy consumption in industry, Data Centres and micro-grids.

Technord masters the 3 levels necessary for the management of the connected power, in respect of cybersecurity :

  • The choice and integration of protection/distribution in HV/MV/LV switchboards at field level
  • Control/command and storage of data from the field and databases (SCADA/Historian)
  • The sorting and modelling of these data to create predictive scenarios of energy consumption and to choose the most relevant (Data Science/AI-Modelling)

Certifications Services certified to current standards

Technord is certified by the leading manufacturers in the market for this connected power discipline

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