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Design Studies

We conduct studies and offer you the most suitable technical and economical solutions.

From modelling using our 2D and 3D (Eplan, See Electrical, suite Autodesk 3D, Caneco, Etap) to establishing parameter tables for electrical protection and cabinet and interconnection diagrams, and even power balances and cable lists, and more.

Analysis of short-circuit currents, protection plans and electric arc risks (arc flash).

  • Feasibility study
  • Define technical requirements with the client and propose technical improvements
  • Technical Supplier Alignments
  • Define and comply with applicable standards
  • Validate solutions with Network Managers
  • Draw up budgets for specific technical assistance
  • Draft specific technical specifications for material in Preliminary Project Summary or Detailed Draft
  • Factory Test Assistance (FAT) and Test Reports
  • Modelling and calculations using our specific software :
    • Caneco BT, HT, TCC (short-circuit current, cable dimensioning, protection settings and selectivity)
    • ETAP (short-circuit current, cable dimensioning, protection settings and selectivity + power balance, electric arc, harmonic)
    • Dialux (for lighting level calculations)
  • Electrical diagrams for electrical systems (cabinets, boxes, etc.) and electrical interconnections (troubleshooting diagrams)
    • The use of EPlan Electric P8 and SEE Electrical
  • Network dimensioning for new construction, extension or renovation work :
    • Electrical cable and network routing studies (fibre optics, copper), installing electrical panels, wiring closets and wireless connection modules :
      • Autocad 2D and Autodesk 3D (Architecture Engineering & Construction collection), including Revit and Navisworks Manage, with optional packages for cloud connectivity, collaborative work, and clash management.
    • Power balance and load analysis of the electrical distribution network
    • Power Quality – Harmonic
    • Short-circuit current study
    • Protection plans, coordination and HV selectivity study
    • Electric arc risk study (Arc Flash)
  • Draw up of parameter tables for LV and HV protection
  • Replace protection relays (study, update plans)
  • Energy optimisation and management
  • Reliability of installations
  • Remotely connecting and reading electrical information
  • Establish procedures and signs for lockout-tagout manoeuvres
  • Manage the installation’s initial verification with the Inspection Body

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