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Our certifications

One of TECHNORD’s goals is to constantly invest in the skills of those it employs.

Our teams are certified at the highest levels by the market leaders in technology solutions developed for the manufacturing industry.

Technology Certifications


  • PCS 7 Applications
  • Factory Automation Safety
  • Industrial Strength Networks
  • Process Control System
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Communications
  • SIVACON Basse Tension S8
  • Solution Partner Automation in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Solution Partner Automation in Glass Industry
  • Simatic IT eBR
  • Siemens Industry Software – Solution Partner: Channel Sales
  • MindSphere

WONDERWARE – AVEVA Endorsed Operations System Integrator

  • Labels Xcellence Opérationnelle (EMI, MES)
  • Application Server 2017-2020
  • Historian Server
  • Historian Client
  • MES Operations 2014R2/2017R2
  • Workflow Management
  • MES Performance
  • InTouch for System Platform 2020
  • Communication Driver


  • Alliance Certified System Integrator Partner by Schneider Electric (EcoStruxure Plant & Machine Certificate)
  • Edge Control – Control System
  • AVEVA System Platform


  • SILVER System Integrator
  • ThinManager Certified Integrator


  • ABB Authorized Value Provider


  • Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, certification dedicated to M.E.S.


  • Pilz System Partner


  • Panorama Certified Integrator


  • Versiondog by Novotek 


  • Ignition Certified Integrator

PX Trend

  • Paranext Certified partner


  • Certified partner


  • Technologies partner


  • Certified Partner


  • Authorized Partner


  • Zenon Certified Integrator – Bronze

Client Certifications (Industrial Electricity – Medium and High Voltage)

The company Elia, Manager of the Belgian High Voltage Network, certifies the TECHNORD teams to execute High Voltage projects up to 150kV.

On a continuous basis, our staff undergoes all the necessary training in the different disciplines of Medium and High Voltage with the country’s most prestigious energy production, transport and distribution companies.

Accordingly, our teams have the necessary skills recognised by MHV sector technical managers and are qualified, in line with the skills required by the technical departments.

Quality Certification

Our knowledge of the specific requirements and technologies related to your sector is reflected in our various certifications, granted by manufacturers or our clients’ technical management.

Technord has an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. This guarantees that we continuously work towards achieving high client satisfaction, aiming to “do things right the first time” and “always do better.” Technord aims to constantly improve our services, costs, process and deadline management.

Each staff member is involved in an ongoing training process. They acquire new technical or branch-specific skills. The skills management plan is there to help them in their work.

Certificate BE012576_Tech-Holding_ISO 9001 2015 (2021-2024) V1 FR 1

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Safety Certification

All the teams of Technord Belgium, part of the Technord group, meet the highest Q-HSE standards and comply in every respect with the VCA Safety Check-List VCA Petrochemicals.

The VCA requirements are applied at TECHNORD Belgium for the following disciplines: electrical equipment (low and medium voltage), design, production, installation and maintenance.

Our priorities are human well-being and material integrity. The safety of our sites and the people who work there is an integral part of the high quality service we provide.

We respect our clients’ safety procedures.

All our employees are responsible for their own safety, their colleagues’ safety, and all those present at their workplace.

Every year, a new action plan is implemented to better our safety performance. Above all, a training plan is developed to enable each employee to manage the risks associated with future new assignments more effectively.

Thanks to its continuous safety training system and its subsidiary, TECHNORD Belgium, TECHNORD has obtained the VCA / LSC certification. This certifies that the company does its utmost to guarantee its staff’s safety in their work, ensured by follow-up audits. TECHNORD, by TECHNORD Belgium, is the first SME in Wallonia to obtain this certification.

MASE – VCA European Agreement

 “According to the comparative study performed on the MASE-UlC 2014 and VCA version 2017/6.0 referential guides, the MASE-UlC (Fr), SSVV (NL), and CSM (Be) agree that, although the MASE-UlC and VCA-P (Petrochemical) schemes are not exactly identical, they ensure similar levels of requirements for certified companies. MASE-UlC certified companies and Dutch/Belgian VCA-P (V2017/6.0) certified companies will be able to use their respective certificates and work in the countries mentioned above without the necessity of being audited again.”

Certificat VCA 2017-6.0 Pétrochimie UK élec et autom

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Building Contractor Approval

TECHNORD Belgium is approved by the FPS Economy in the following classes and subcategories:

  • Class 1, Subcategory C6
  • Class 5, Subcategory S2
  • Class 6, Subcategory P1, P3, S1
  • Class 7, Subcategory S4
  • Class 8, Subcategory P2

This distinction is the result of our unceasing efforts to provide training and the unanimously recognised competence of our teams.It also underlines our systematic willingness to financially strengthen the equity capital of our family company.

TECHNORD BELGIUM_Certificat Agréation_21.11.2022

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