And then they told me about their in-house academy

We believe that everyone has potential for growth. This is why we dedicate a budget of almost €1 million a year to training. The Technord Group has made staff training a strategic factor in the longevity of the company. We have even founded our own training centre: the Technord Academy. The Technord Academy offers you a combination of tools designed to develop your skills and ensure your professional fulfilment.

The Technord Academy

The Technord Academy is broken down into 4 interlinked spheres of activity designed to support you along your learning path with us:

  • In-House Training
  • External Training
  • Talent Management
  • Learning through experience and exchanges

In-House Training

Technord's very DNA is formed from the company's expertise and the know-how of its staff. By creating approximately twenty modules and courtesy of the support provided by 15 in-house instructors, we ensure that this knowledge is transmitted to members of staff joining our teams. The art of negotiation, project management, selecting your partners or programming specific software are just some of the available possibilities for developing your skills.

External Training

Technord has developed strong partnerships with stakeholders involved in training programmes at the cutting edge of technology. The numerous certifications awarded to us (Siemens, Wonderware and Rockwell Automation in particular) are the perfect illustration of our desire to invest in training our staff in advanced technology.

Talent Management

By getting to know yourself better, you will be able to better understand what it is you are looking for. You will also understand why others are how they are. This eases cooperation and coexistence. The Technord Academy offers a wide range of tools to help you work on your personal development and manage your skill sets. This begins as soon as you arrive at the company via an integration programme and continues throughout your career with us via various interviews and personalised development plans.

Learning through experience and exchanges

Most apprenticeships take place unconsciously through informal exchanges with peers. Technord understands this and works to encourage the transfer of information between branches and staff by regularly organising meetings for each field of expertise. Moreover, we ensure that our staff have the opportunity to test their new skills in the field as part of their apprenticeship, under the watchful eye of their supervisor. All training programmes undertaken by an employee target a tangible, short-term application. Finally, Technord values staff that show initiative and that become fully engaged in looking for efficient solutions. In our opinion, good ideas are more important than qualifications and must be shared.