MoM/MES – Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 allows companies to better serve their customers through improved flexibility in the production and optimisation of resources.

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Automation - process control

Automation of production processes helps improve the reliability and flexibility of the production tool, increase efficiency, obtain a comprehensive view of the facility and free up human resources for higher added value tasks.

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Industrial electricity and infrastructure

From electrical and feasibility studies through to commissioning: discover our renowned expertise gathered over more than 25 years! 

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Data centres & computer networks 

Since 2007, Technord's network department has been working throughout Europe to roll out large-scale data centres.

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Rational power management

Power Management is an approach that targets improved power efficiency for production sites or facilities. 

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Consulting, sale and distribution of industrial products

Our "La Technique" brand comprises more than 15,000 in-store articles for private, professional or industrial customers. 

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We recently set a record of 482 days without accidents resulting in work incapacity.

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Flexible solutions, strong expertise

Technord is a global systems integrator specialised in electrical engineering combining different disciplines from high-voltage electricity to industrial IT systems and MES/MoM, including new technologies for Industry 4.0, to provide customers with guaranteed optimum productivity and flexibility for their industrial processes.



360 Number of employees

11 Number of branches

80 International references - Countries

75 Turnover (in millions of euros)

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Sport en entreprise

Technord, une entreprise qui, pour attirer des talents, mise sur le bien-être au travail de ses employés. Récemment, le bâtiment a été réaménagé afin de mettre à la disposition du personnel une salle de détente et une salle de fitness.

Entretien avec Michel Foucart

Entretien avec Michel Foucart, Président-fondateur de Technord (Belgique) dans le cadre du Printemps des SCOP 2017 ayant pour thème "Transmettre à ses salariés? Reprendre en SCOP?"

Our family-run business philosophy places our customers at the centre of our attention. We apply our professionalism and creativity in order to contribute to the success of their projects and gain their loyalty within a reciprocal trust-based relationship. We help them to prevail over the competition.

Our employees combine skill, motivation and training with a view to satisfying our customers and committing to a continuous improvement approach. We are constantly striving to be the best at what we do.

Philippe FoucartCEO Technord

They place their trust in us