Our history

1945Founding of Technique Electrique Industrielle.
A company involved in the general electrical and electromechanical fields.

1975Michel FOUCART became Employee Director at T.E.I.

1982Founding of Technord Automation.
A company specialised in industrial IT, automation and networks.

1988Founding of the TECHNORD group (100% family-run group), Michel FOUCART became Managing Director.

1997Opening of the Technord France s.a.s. subsidiary (near Lille).

2004Opening of the Techrom IT subsidiary (Romania, Iasi).

2010 Opening of a subsidiary in Lyons.
Philippe FOUCART became the group's Managing Director and Michel FOUCART became Founding Chairman.

2013Opening of a subsidiary in Switzerland.

2015Opening of a branch in Finland and a subsidiary in Singapore.

2016Opening of the Technord Industry Process Improvement subsidiary in Louvain-la-Neuve.

2017Opening of the TechLux subsidiary in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Opening of the Technord Netherlands subsidiary in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). 
Opening of a Technord Industrie & Services branch in Orléans

2019Merger of belgian companies under Technord Belgium
Opening of a new belgian branch in Charleroi