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Project - Agri-food

Process Control and MES Project

Did you know that our Process Control and MES teams put their know-how at the service of one of the world leaders in champagne production?

Customer Challenge

As part of the renovation and modernization of the historic facilities of a major player in the production of champagne, our teams in the Process Control and MES departments took charge of the automation, supervision and control of the winery operations.

The project consists in the realization of the development of automation / supervision programs, the development of the industrial computer layer (MES) on the process part of the winery as well as the BMS supervision (Technical Management of Buildings) / GTC (Centralized Technical Management) of the site.

Solution proposed by Technord

Our teams have opted for the implementation of the following solutions:

  • Schneider Electric M580H redundant automation for each winery
  • Schneider Electric M340 automation for a set of 6 tanks
  • Schneider Electric M251 automation for mobile pumps
  • Supervision Archestra
  • Implementation of MES tools for the management of TOs (reception of must in harvest and blends)
  • Specific development for fermentation monitoring tools for oenology
  • Using IO link IFM technology in Ethernet IP for organ management
  • Implementation of preventive valve maintenance tools via the use of IO link data (prevent the wear of seals in particular).

We have set up the organization of workshops with the client’s business specialists in order to define the most appropriate tools. Specific ergonomic work has been carried out to ensure an adequate design of the graphic tools and operating modes.

Some figures:

  • 600 tanks
  • 1200 regulating valves
  • 3000 TOR valves
  • 160 PLCs
  • 1000 masters IO link
  • 60 mobile pumps

Customer gain

The interventions of our teams allow:

  • Improvement of functional and operational flows on the process during the harvest period
  • The implementation of tools for the unit traceability of the product (product monitoring during assemblies for example)
  • The implementation of assistance to our teams in two positions 7 days a week during the three weeks of harvest in order to accompany the customer’s teams on site during this crucial period

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