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Project - Extractive industry

Cosmocem project

Participate in the sustainability of the local cement industry by promoting the short circuit of mineral waste recycling? This is the objective of the Cosmocem project in which our Process Improvement department is participating

Project context

The Cosmocem project consists of recycling waste to make new mineral additions for cement.

It was born from two observations:

  • The cement industry is facing a decrease in the availability of mineral additives used in the manufacture of cement and is setting strong objectives in terms of its CO2 footprint.
  • Companies involved in waste recycling and recovery have to manage increasingly large material flows that do not always have an outlet.

Why not process mineral waste in a short circuit in order to replace these traditional additions? This is the subject of the research project currently underway.

Solution proposed by Technord

Firstly, Technord is developing a revenue calculation tool that takes into account all the parameters of this value chain. Indeed, profitability and compliance with ‘factory’ specifications are essential to open up this new perspective.

Technord will then develop the digital twin of the installation in order to optimise production from the outset. Hybrid modelling will be at the heart of this project: a backbone based on physical balances will be complemented by data-driven modelling to represent the process, and real-time prediction (throughput and quality KPIs) will require the construction of relevant decision trees (Machine Learning).

The information gathered throughout the processing chain will thus feed a simulator which will then dynamically influence the process instructions to obtain the desired quality with a reasonable energy consumption.

Expected results

This short circuit for the treatment of mineral waste promises great prospects:

  • The reabsorption of a significant volume of waste from our society
  • The sustainability of the local cement business, less dependent on distant suppliers and materials subject to high inflation
  • Energy consumption calculated as accurately as possible

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