MoM or Manufacturing Operation Management/MES or Manufacturing Execution System are middleware layers connecting the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning level with the automation systems.

The functional features of the MoM/MES (process management, resource management, etc.) result in a significant increase in performance and fast return on investment.

The ISA-95 standard covers the different operating fields that support production (logistics, quality, maintenance, etc.) to guarantee continuity of the processes through the applications concerned: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), control systems (SCADA, API/PLC, SNCC/DCS, etc.) and MoM/MES.

MoM/MES enables both global and individual companies to manage production processes, control production activities in real time and closely monitor large, critical data sets using archives and a genuine Business Intelligence strategy.

Thanks to its technological expertise, Technord is a renowned first-choice integrator, proposing relevant solutions to meet the multiple and cross-cutting, functional requirements, based on the standardised software packages of our supplier-partners or on specific developments.

Technord and its partners also boast significant expertise in the main functional features that constitute information systems: 

  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems): Management of laboratory activity and analysis results
  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management): Management of specifications dedicated to production lifecycle management at a corporate level.

MoM/MES integrations can take place on a large scale thanks to our combination of know-how, experience and skills in electrical systems, automation and industrial monitoring systems.

A pioneer in industrial information systems, Technord has been an active player in systems integration and consulting for over 20 years, working on behalf of major industrial customers, both in the process and manufacturing industries.

The experience acquired by Technord's teams guarantees the perfect, large-scale or tailored integration of your MoM/MES solution. Our professional teams of technical engineers, business analysts and project managers are well-qualified to develop the ideal MoM/MES solution for your project's entire lifecycle: from analysing the needs of the manufacturing processes, to rolling out the solution in the production environment, right through to maintenance.

Technord's skills and expertise in the MoM/MES field are the product of many years of professional project integration, the ongoing training of its engineers with the world's top publishers and the MESA reference body, combined with high-level certifications awarded by leading software solution providers.

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I would like to let you know that the tests today were a resounding success on the L451. I would like to thank you for satisfying all of our demands with high-quality work and within very short deadlines.

Rachel VievilleEngineering office at Bayer

Technord contributed to getting the final version of the "Factory 4.0" training project off the ground. This is the first component of the Industry 4.0 development plans for Wallonia. Technord was involved in the Automation/MES of World Class Manufacturing segment of this training component. I would like to thank all partners for their respective contributions.

Frédérik CambierTechnological investments, projects and monitoring department at Technifutur asbl